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No longer is pregnancy a nine-month prescription to sit on the sidelines. Today, more pregnant women are exercising straight to the finish line. (Or, shall we say, delivery room?) Doctors and experts are applauding these strides in prenatal fitness.

Cindy (6.5 months pregnant) & Christy at AFC half marathon 2007 wearing the "Running Skirt" style.

That's why founders Christy and Cindy, who ran during their own pregnancies, created the “Fit Momma Skirt.” This maternity running and fitness skirt has a comfortable belly-supporting waistband designed to go the distance of all three trimesters.  During her pregnancy, Cindy discovered that maternity athletic apparel was virtually non-existant and discovered that her running skirts were the most comfortable option out there.  "I wore my running skirts througout my pregnancy and developed our first maternity fitness skirt prototype during my last trimester.  I found that some days I preferred not having anything binding or tight over my belly bump, but towards the end of the pregnancy, it was nice to have the belly coverage and support for my runs." 

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