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Running Pregnant

  Benefits of Running During Pregnancy for Mom and Baby

(fit momma with baby - 2 days old)

Recent studies on pregnancy fitness have proven the many benefits of running during pregnancy. 

Running makes......

Fit & Healthy Mommies

  • regular workouts during pregnancy increases stamina and helps strengthen muscles and a woman's body for delivery
  • running during pregnancy helps reduce pregnancy symptoms like nausea, fatigue,  and constipation
  •  maternity fitness assists in prevention of gestational diabetes
  • maternity fitness assists in shorter labor & less delivery complications
  • fit running moms have fewer c-sections
  • running moms also experience less lower back discomfort and pain
  • fit running moms experience less swelling of hands and feet
Happy Mommies
  • regular fitness regimens or running promotes mental well being and decreases occurance of postpartum depression
  • pregnancy fitness regimens assist with  quick recovery & faster return to pre-pregnancy weight & fitness
  • a healty fit mom has less stress, anxiety and insonmia related to pregnancy
  • better sleep
Yummy Mommies
  • running during pregnancy helps prevent excessive weight gain
  • cardio fitness during pregnancy increases circulation and blood flow to the skin and gives you that healthy glow
  • Maternity running improves physical posture & appearance
  • Fitness makes you feel better about yourself, when you look good, you feel good!
  • A regular fitness program assists with increased energy in first and second trimesters
  • Maintaining physical fitness during pregnancy helps moms return to their pre-pregnancy bodies quicker
  • Running and other moderate impact exercise decreases the development of varicose veins

Happy Baby

  • A regular maternity fitness routine   prepares baby for transition from womb
  • Running during pregnancy increases placental efficiency/blood circulation
  • Running whilst pregnant raises newborn baby's capacity to self soothe and quiet.

Healthy Baby

  • Regular fitness lowers baby fat without decreasing normal heatly growth
  • Cardio and exercise leads to more blood flow from the placenta which supplies important nutrients and oxygen to the baby

Smarter Baby

  • Fit Mommies or moms who run have babies with increased fetal movements.  Studies have shown fetal movements lead to quicker oral and language development
(19 weeks)
(First Race 15 months)

Every pregnancy is different.  Always discuss your fitness & running plans with your physician/ midwife to ensure they are safe for your pregnancy.

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