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Super Moms

Our maternity running skirt was recently tested by an Olympic Gold Medalist & mom-to-be!

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Here's what she has to say about our "fit momma" skirt:

So I tried the skirt out yesterday and I will say honestly it was GREAT!!!.  I decided to go out and do a small workout on the track.  

As I dressed at home I found the skirt to actually fit perfectly, I like the length, the feel of the material and the fact that I can roll the pouch down or keep it up. 

Olympic Mom-to-be Maternity Running Skirt Review:

  • comfortable, and breathable as I sweat (and I sweat alot)
  • didn't feel as if I had on wet shorts like some materials make you feel, the moisture was pulled away
  • cute, flare and design caught me from once I opened the package
  • was able to fit my ipod and run comfortable with it in and not feel to bulky
  • material once rolled at belly sat comfortably under belly and was not too tight
  • just overall cute, and made me feel as if i wasn't even pregnant

Congrats to this gold medal super-mom on a fit pregnancy!


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